20 June 2019
Taking your design from concept to manufacturing: Step-by-step
11:00 am - 12:30 pm

Pier 27

Pier 27

San Francisco

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Are you a designer with a product idea but are not sure what to do next? This instructional event will walk you through the step-by-step process of taking a product from concept to manufacturing, with all the considerations along the way.

We’ll have a discussion with the key stakeholders who were critical to the San Francisco Design Week “Shore” installation project by Swiss designer Adrien Rovero and PCH, a global development and manufacturing company. You’ll hear how the project went from an initial idea or concept, to become a physical product that creates something engaging and impactful. You’ll learn about the critical factors at play at each step along the way. The project team will talk about challenges faced, why certain decisions were made, why the project engineer went personally to the factory in China, and what he did while he was there. You’ll learn about the different roles each team member played, and how the team collaborated throughout the project with great results.

We’ll send you home with step-by-step instructions on how the “Shore” installation came to be that will help you think about how to get your own projects started.


Designer: Adrien Rovero, Adrien Rovero Studio

Engineer: Jon-William Murphy, PCH Soft Good Developer

Additional speakers will be announced soon