17 November 2016
Innovations in Culture
7:00 pm - 9:30 pm

Gray Area Theater

2665 Mission Street

San Francisco

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The culture of collaboration has reinvented the workplace, classroom and even the bedroom in unanticipated ways. Pioneers in self-organizing companies and peer-to-peer communities discuss the trials and triumphs of couch-surfing, crowd-sourcing and co-location for fun, profit, and the common good. Featuring:

Jeff Mendelsohn of New Leaf Paper on the role of enterprise in achieving social impact.

Casey Fenton on the origins of the Couchsurfing phenomenon.

Frank Schulenburg on bridging the parallel worlds of academia and Wikipedia.

Ann Badillo on book swarms, co-creation, and the power of narrative.

Jeff Mendelsohn
is the founder and chair of New Leaf Paper, a company with the mission of driving a fundamental shift toward sustainability in the paper industry. He has been recognized by Forbes Magazine as one of the 30 top social entrepreneurs.
Casey Fenton
co-founder of Couchsurfing, will share how he created a company where thousands of people enthusiastically collaborated to build and manage the site so millions of travellers across the globe could find a place to stay. Until the company ran afoul of regulators.
Frank Schulenburg
is executive director of the Wiki Education Foundation, a longtime Wikipedian and former member of the executive management team of the Wikimedia Foundation, the organization that runs Wikipedia. His work is focused on broadening participation and developing public understanding of Wikipedia, especially among subject matter experts.
Ann Badillo
Ann Badillo is a proponent of new practices that demonstrate the power of participatory leadership, group genius, and the creative process. She is co-author of the book Narrative Generation, the product of a two-day "book swarm," and an expert in the use of acceleration frameworks to guide entrepreneurs and groups.