21 April 2017
Creative Mornings Sacramento : Adam Federico
8:30 am - 10:00 am


2420 N Street, Sacramento, CA 95811


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8:30 am
Door opens
9:00 am
Talk Begins
10:00 am
Event Ends // Doors close

Adam Federico is a third generation Federico working in the beauty and wellness industry. Adam lives his life by the motto ‘Evolve or Dissolve’, and education is the cornerstone of his creative career. He continuously refining his skills, craft and industry to move beyond the status quo and creates new challenges to continuously push himself further.

As a kid, Adam learned to use hair clippers with his cousins in his grandparent's garage and played music with his friends in high school but didn't consider himself a creative person because he didn't draw. After high school he became a 'beauty school drop out' after less than a year and came back to work for his family's school where he fell in love with the art of hair. He finished school, got his license and 'followed the art' to LA for several years where he took every advanced training course he could get into. He opened his first salon in 2000 and is now Creative Director for Federico Beauty Institute as well as owner/stylist at two AJF Salons.

Note : This event is hosted in Sacramento.

Ticket Details: FREE Ticket, registration will begin on April 17 @ 11AM and will sell out quickly (Mark your calendar!)