21 February 2019
AIGA WILD + Visa: How to Activate the Power of Storytelling
6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

826 Valencia’s inspiring “Writing Lab”

180 Golden Gate Avenue

San Francisco

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6:30 pm
Event Starts, Drinks & Bites
7:00 pm
Workshop Intro
7:30 pm
Workshop Breakout
8:20 pm
Workshop Wrap-up
8:30 pm
Event Ends

**Please note the location for this event is 180 Golden Gate Avenue, this is 826 Valencia’s Tenderloin location NOT the location on Valencia Street.**

We all have stories to tell. So what’s the secret to a story that has the power to create change?

Join us on Thursday, February 21 for an evening of dynamic storytelling. Hear how these women have harnessed the power of story to influence and inspire in their careers and their personal lives. Then, practice your own storytelling skills through a hands-on workshop where you’ll craft a compelling narrative, starting with the story of You.


- Define and craft your personal narrative

- Get to the heart of your stories

- Use story to make an impact

Hosted by Myra Sandoval, Director of Story, Design Innovation at Visa

With Kimberly Brizzolara, Founder, Brands that Get You and Director of Strategy & Editorial at Bartlett Brands

Sabra Meretab, Product Manager at Visa and filmmaker

and Carly Schwartz, Editor-in-Chief at Google

Everyone is welcome to attend WILD events, however, please take measure of your own privilege and give space to those from marginalized populations.

About WILD

AIGA SF’s Women in Leadership and Design (WILD) initiative aims for gender parity in design. The purpose of WILD Programming, meetups and workshops is to empower women and genderqueer persons at every stage on their path to leadership.

About Visa Innovation

Visa Innovation is a small, dynamic group that conceives and designs new concepts, collaborates on state-of-the-art, dynamic experiences, and leads in emerging technologies. Visa is excited to partner with AIGA SF, engage with the design community in a meaningful way, where we can honor our vision of bringing people together to solve problems, for today and tomorrow.